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Behind The Lens with Jen Rinaldi June 11, 2008

Welcome to my photography blog.  I’ve resided in central New Jersey and have been an avid photographer since I was a child and was given a 110 camera (that I still have) by my parents.  You’ll rarely find me without some form of a camera with me…photography is my passion and I don’t want to miss a moment!

I specialize in newborn, children, maternity, family, engagements, & high school senior portraits and do some limited weddings.

I also enjoy photographing landscapes, HDR, macro, nature, urban and rural scenes…and much more!

I created this blog back in August of ’07 to chronicle my thoughts on photography, share what I’ve learned, and document my photographic journey one day at a time.

It’s funny…I never thought I’d LOVE blogging so much but I must admit that sometimes I can’t go to sleep at night without a new post! 🙂

Want to know what’s in my bag? Click HERE.


8 Responses to “Behind The Lens with Jen Rinaldi”

  1. […] As nice as it is to be able to make my own fresh cup of jo now and then, it’s always a pleasure to purchase one and have all the hard work done for you. Don’t you agree? I mean getting the perfect temperture is an art of its own. So to my surprise today when I got inside my house and sat down for a minute my husband brought me my mail for the day and a very special envelope was on top. He said he’d been wondering what was in it all day. I looked close at it and it was from my NJ pal Jen Rinaldi. […]

  2. h0neyb Says:

    I’m loving your wordpress colors!.. I’ll have to look at this more! Thanks for your Awesomeness!

  3. yorkshireman Says:

    Over the pond and far away but thinking about my pal ….. hmmm still don;t see a donkey on the kit list 🙂

  4. dinesh1201 Says:

    Lovely blog, specially for me as I’m also a photoshopper.

  5. dinesh1201 Says:

    Thanks for commenting my blog, your blog is a source of inspiration to me.

  6. dinesh1201 Says:

    Years come n go, but this year I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a gr8 year ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  7. Melissa Phillips Says:

    I am also a photographer. Your style is awesome and very creative. Keep up the great work in making people smile!

  8. JRP Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for commenting! Please stop back again soon!

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