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Canvas on Demand February 17, 2009

Below are 2 recent canvases of my work that were printed up as gifts and ordered through Canvas on Demand.

I loved the results and wanted to share them with all of you in case you were interested in canvas prints and wanted to see more examples.

I think that printing your work on canvas gives extra life to the photo.

This is the San Diego Skyline from my recent trip to California. It’s an “gallery wrap” so the photo wraps around the edges of the canvas.

This is “I Heart NY” from December 2007.  It was named because of the heart that was formed by the sun & shadows on the skyscraper on the left of the photo.  That detail was something I didn’t discover until I open the photo on my computer when I got home.

This was not an image wrap.  The edges were done in black.


New Seamless Paper Tests January 16, 2009

I had a session for head shots for a friend from grammar school (more to come on that) and I purchased seamless paper to use for the session from BH PHOTO (my favorite camera shop around!)

I had never used seamless paper before so I called my bud Mike Palmer and he walked me through tips and tricks for lighting the set up.  I’m always very grateful for Mike’s advice and expertise…He’s like my Photography Yoda…like the Jedi Master of Photography! and I  I feel that without my friends in the virtual photography I would be left lost sometimes and I appreciate the guidance.

Below is a photo of me talking to Julie Lawson on the phone and she was telling me about her experiences with her new seamless paper while I did a test shot.  We also were discussing some of the D90’s new features that I wanted to go over.  Having people with similar kits really helps as well because you can help each other learn.  And as Julie knows…I don’t like reading the manual..I’m more of a “learn by trying girl!” LOL!  I know it’s not always right but that’s just me.  Maybe I’ll grow out of that if I can more time in the day to read the manuals.  For now Julie reading and then passing the good stuff on to me!

This photo on the phone is the truest representation to what the new gray seamless paper looks like.  It’s Savage Background Paper 53″x12YD #12 (Studio Gray) if you’re interested.  Mike suggested to go with something basic for the head shots such as a blue or gray so this is what I chose.

This is the next technique that Mike schooled me on.  The gray background can turn almost white with just a simple SB800 pointed at the background at shoulder height.  I stood it on a mini step stool connected to the flash stand right behind the stool to get it too look like this. There is a big of gray still showing in the corners but I learned that can easily be fixed with doing a curves adjustment and setting my black and white points. THANKS AGAIN MIKE!

Besides needing to touch up my gray hair I think these test shots turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  Soon I will share the head shot session with you all once I do some basic editing.

Thank you to all of my photography friends and mentors who helped make my shoot a success (and help to make me feel confident everyday with the work I do)!


It’s a Boy! Meet “Nik9” January 7, 2009

The “brown stork” (aka the UPS man) delivered “Nik 9” approximately12:00 pm Tuesday at my office.  I purchased it from my one and only favorite camera super store B&H Photo in NYC.

I have been contemplating getting a 2nd camera body for months so that I can take on more jobs in 2009 that I was afraid to tackle without a back up camera.  After thinking and thinking I finally went for it this Sunday!  Not only did a I go for it…the Nikon D90 purchase was the VERY FIRST purchase with the money I’ve made from all of my jobs in 2008!!  I couldn’t spend a cent until I really wanted something and this was it!

I went for the Nikon D90 because of the upgrade to the features of my Nikon D80 aka “The Gun.”  I thought about a D200 or D300 but with the added weight of those larger camera bodies I felt my wrist wouldn’t be able to handle the added stress.  I knew this from experience after using my sister’s D300 for a wedding I did last year.

*While your at it (after you check out the pics below) why don’t you stop over and congratulate Julie on her new arrival “Nak 9.”

As soon as “Nik9” arrived I took his photo with my cell phone as soon as I got it out of the box:

Lucas was my very first model…isn’t he the handsomest model around?

He got a little tired of posing at the end and let me know it… 🙂

Before I was done playing with the new toy I tried the video feature on the D90 which I think will come in handy to make quick videos of set-ups or fun moments at video shoots! 🙂

If you’re looking for great camera goods, accessories and every electronic you can think of – order from B&H Photo by using either of the links in my right side bar- you won’t be sorry you with them!  Their service is better than no other!


The Power of Social Networking – Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc. October 3, 2008

I’m very pleased with the overwhelming response for portrait bookings I have gotten lately.  And a recent influx is due to one social networking site in particular:  FACEBOOK.

Believe it or not “socially networking” with all of my grammar school, high school, and college friends, as well as co-workers and other acquaintances that are on my “list of friends” has gotten me a number of my recent bookings.  I’m in awe of it!

What could be better than having all of your contacts in one place, being able to share photos, have easy links to your website & blog, as well as keep in touch through conversation?

Not only has it gotten me some recent bookings but it’s also put my in touch with a couple hundred people I’ve always wondered about and now they are at my finger tips (which is a nice plus).

Facebook in particular has a feature for people with businesses.  You can make a “business page” and people can become “fans” of the business.  The page allows for adding photos albums, videos, notes, events, as well customer testimonials. It also lets you send updates to all of your fans all at once with a bulletin sent to their inbox.

I just created mine and I will be adding more galleries of photos to it when I have some time.

To access it click here: Jen Rinaldi Photography on Facebook

Besides the “fan” page.  My regular Facebook profile allows me areas to link to my website, add photos, a feed to my blog, feed to my flickr which posts thumbnails of recent flickr uploads, post notes to all friends, post links, as well as many other interactive things to network my business.

It even has a blog network that facebook members can join.

Mine blog network on Facebook is found here: Jen Rinaldi Photography Blog Network

Another Social Networking site is MySpace.  I have a personal MySpace page to keep up with friends but I also have a business MySpace page with some of my photography work posted.

Similar to Facebook MySpace lets you post photos, bulletins, videos, etc.

Click here to access my Photography MySpace SIte: Jen Rinaldi Photography on MySpace

If you haven’t joined Flickr you’re missing out on another opportunity to network with other photographers.  Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform. Its popularity has been fueled by its organization tools, which allow photos to be tagged and browsed by folksonomic means.

I get so many great ideas and inspiration by searching flickr.  It’s a tremendous resource with well over 2 BILLION photos posted.

It’s also a powerful tool for having your photos “found” on the web through search engines.  With “tagging/keywording” your photos on flickr are made available for viewing by individuals or companies searching for photos and photographers.

When I was approached recently for a photo of mine to possibly be posted on the New Jersey tourism guide I asked how the marketing firm found me and it was most likely through my Flickr site.  The person I spoke with said he finds a lot of photos/photographers that way. You can link your website and your email right in your Flickr profile.

They have free accounts where you can post a limited number of photos for no charge and then they have Pro Accounts for a very reasonable yearly fee in the 25.00 range.  I recently decided to buy the Pro Account after speaking with the marketing person.  I felt like 25.00 wasn’t much to spend to be broaden my range of being discovered!

I’ve also made many contacts on Flickr since I joined.  One in particular invited me to the Neshanic Civil Ware Reenactment last April.  Without Flickr and discussion I had with this contact I never would have thought to go.  I’m so glad I did.  I got some great photos and made a new photo friend!

I just stated adding more of my portrait work onto Flickr so I’m still in the process of adding.

Click here to access my Flickr site: Jen Rinaldi Photography on Flickr

Other sites that photographers can join:

Online Photography Forums

(also valuable for networking, learning more about photography and getting noticed through searches)

jpg mag
(mine is really outdated)

Deviant Art
(again…I need to make time to update mine)


And of course one of the top ways I’ve been getting “noticed” is through my blog. Tip: Don’t forget to tag/keyword like crazy!  It makes a tremendous difference!  I’ve had experience with Blogger and WordPress blogs and so far the numbers speak for themselves.  WordPress blows Blogger away with daily visitors!  I’m so happy I had issues with my Blogger blog because that made me switch and import my blogger blog to WordPress this past June.  The difference in visitors is tremendous!

Hopefully this information has been a help to you in some way.  It’s been on my mind for a while to share my experiences and tonight was a good night since I didn’t have any photos prepared that I wanted to share.

It’s late and I need to hit the hay.  If I made any typos I’ll fix them tomorrow!  I’m beat!

Have a great day!!


Happy 8th Birthday Marco August 6, 2008

Today was Marco’s 8th Birthday Party.

Marco is one of Tiffany’s 2 sons.  You all may remember Tiffany from THIS SERIES.

I’ve know Marco since he was born.  So sweet and angelic.

Photo author unknown

He’s super adorable, has quite the personality and a very strong will since he was little.

This is a photo Tiffany took of him illustrating what he would do when you told him to “smell the flowers.”

He grew up to be firecracker of PURE ENERGY!!!

He can talk your ear off til it bleeds but you still love him to pieces no matter what!

He is one of the stars of the Dragan Effect Series I did last year and these proudly hang in his bedroom along with his brother’s:

Tonight at his party I asked him where he wanted his 8th birthday photo.  He’s got a thing for the piano lately so he went straight there and did this adorable pose without me prompting on how to sit (which is unusual! LOL).

Then he posed with all of his birthday cards:

He then decided that he wanted to stand on his head on the hardwood floor but we cautioned him that he might want to try the couch:

We posed for one photo together…

…and one with his Aunt Kelly:

Then he specifically asked me to take these 2 poses???

I just love him. 🙂



That’s what little boys are made of… July 18, 2008

Remember that old nursery rhyme?

I felt like doing something fun with these 2 adorable naturally candid photos of “M” so I went for a storyboard and that cute nursery rhyme popped into my head.

Storyboard courtesy of *Cathy!  Thank you!!!

*(look out for her storyboards to be available for purchase in the future!)

—the story board is a cream color so hopefully it’s not hard to see on this white background.  You can click the photo below to view larger—


Free 16×24 Canvas Print! July 17, 2008

I’m so excited!  I got my free canvas print from Canvas On Demand of my favorite photo that I have ever taken. It’s my very first canvas that I bought for myself.

The photo was from my very first day bracketing my shots for 3 exposures to try HDR processing.  After my day of testing the process I raced home and  this photo was my 2nd take on processing in Photo Matrix.

You can see the the original by clicking HERE.

I took regular photos of the canvas hanging in my office and I tried to do some detailed close-up shots in case any of you are interested.

Heather was kind enough to share this offer with me a while ago and I finally put the order in.

To get your free canvas go to this link: and register.

When your account is created, we will email you a confirmation and a code for $84 (the cost of a 16×20 Museum Gallery Wrap). You can apply the $84 to any order, any size.

I was going to get the gallery wrap but I realized after I placed the order that the dock was too close to the edge and I didn’t want it wrapping to the side of the canvas so I went with black edges.  All I had to do was pay 15.00 shipping!

I love how it came out and I’ve been staring at it in my office all day!

Let me know if you go for the free canvas!! 🙂