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You Get Better Every Year!! Grandpa’s 85th Birthday Celebration June 10, 2009

Tonight was a surprise birthday party for my Grandpa.  He’s the cutest guy that I know.

He was so surprised that we were all there at his nursing home for his 85th birthday and was so thrilled that everyone could be there.

I made him a cute card for his birthday that had an old photo I found of him of him from his birthday in 1967.  He loved it!

He tried to convince us not to light all of the candles but of course we did anyway!

After he blew out the candles he changed the candles to read “58” when no one was looking! LOL!

I got to capture some great family moments…

Jim & Grandpa


My sister took this one of Grandpa & I.  I love it!

And I love this shot of all of “Grandpa’s girls”
(In a circle: Mom, Aunt Denise, my sister Darlene, me & Grandpa):

Aunt Denise, My cousin RJ & Grandpa:

My sister Darlene, my Brother In Law Jim, and Grandpa:

My brother in law, Jim’s Dad was there (Ray) with Jim’s Grandmother (who also lives at the same nursing home as Grandpa) joined us for the party:

We had a cute little visitor at the party.  My Aunt’s friend took the ride with her and brought her adorable, smiley son.  He was too cute!  He loved the camera and smiled every time I pointed it at him!!  With all that smiling I couldn’t help but take tons of photos of him!

My mom’s friends came by to surprise Grandpa as well and they were so sweet bringing him a gift including yummy chocolates!

3 Beautiful ladies!

I brought and old photo album that I found at my Dad’s house from approximately 1967 so share with him and everyone at the party and everyone was getting a kick out of seeing the 1960’s photos of him, my grandmother, my mom and Aunt!

Below:  My Aunt Denise, Grandpa, and my Mom!  Love mom’s matching coordinates!

He makes me laugh.  I’ll just say he’s a piece of work.  The kicker was this face he made when I wanted to take his photo again because he wasn’t smiling in the last one.  I laughed my head off because it was so unlike him!  🙂



Michelle & JR ~ Married! June 9, 2009

Michelle and I have known each other since we were in grammar school and after about 28 years we’re still great friends.  When she told me she was getting married and wanted me to be her photographer for the wedding I was truly honored!  We made the trip to Myrtle Beach early in the morning on the day of the wedding and I spent the entire day documenting her wedding day from hair & make up until everyone left with the exception of a few of her and JR’s close friends.

I love so many of the photos so it was very hard for me to narrow down what to post on the blog.  I decided to show snippets of the day starting with “getting ready” below:

All of the “details” Michelle chose were beautiful!

I have ALWAYS wanted to try the photo below and Michelle & JR’s wedding gave me the perfect venue to try it.  They had their ceremony and reception at a restaurant called “The Library” and it was filled with books for me to choose from to give this a whirl.  I love the result!

Before the ceremony I had the opportunity to photograph bridal portraits for Michelle and I’m so glad we had the opportunity!

I loved that I got to catch her heading to the reception up the busy Myrtle Beach street.  The series of photos is so fun.  As Michelle gets closer to the restaurant you see the guys working on the right stop and turn…I guess they never expected to see a bride walking down the street past them while they were working.

The ceremony was so special.  Michelle & JR wrote their own vows and JR’s father officiated the ceremony!!

I figured a texture with “writing” was appropriate for at least one photo since they wedding was at “The Library.” 🙂


Their first dance was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The went for dance lesssons prior to the wedding and didn’t tell anyone in their family so it would be a huge surprise.  The dance was such a hit!!

The spin on their wedding “cake” was so unique!  They decided on cupcakes matching the wedding theme color – pink!

Dangerous on the dance floor!

A tender moment as the night wound down…

…And here is the group that ended the night closing the place down after our own mini dance party!

We had such a great time!

And last but not least…the Photographer & her fantastic assistant!

🙂 Thank you so much Chris – you were amazing to work with!  🙂


Radiant Bride! May 13, 2009

I’m working diligently on the wedding photos for my life-long friend Michelle from her wedding the last weekend in March.

Usually I like to share a sneak peek of the couple but I couldn’t help but share this one photo of Michelle from from tonight’s editing as the sneak peek.

Michelle’s eyes look amazing!  The color one is great but the B&W version just grabbed me!


Dina + Alex = Married! April 23, 2009

Spring Lake, New Jersey – The Mill:

You recently saw the SNEAK PEEK of Dina & Alex’s wedding and after working on the photos for the past few weeks I finished last night!

I was so excited to share the photos today and hear their thoughts.

I really enjoyed spending the day with Dina and Alex with the help of my lovely friend and assistant for the day – Guitree (Thanks G!!).

*PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Click on the photos to view them larger*

We started the day at the salon:

Then we went back to the hotel so Dina could get her make-up done and get dressed.

I couldn’t decide which I loved most for the RING shots.

I think my favorite is the one featured below but I wanted to share the others too:



Alex was a great sport about posing for his “getting ready” shots.

I always love the “detail” shots so you can remember every special thing about the day!

Dina’s sister, Ilene, helping Dina get ready for the big moment!

Alex patiently waits for Dina to be ready…

A lil sun flare as we headed off to the Spring Lake Beach.

Dina and Alex’s dog Keena is an important part of their life and Alex’s and brother in law made it possible to include Keena in a few photos of their special day.

She was so well-behaved and had so many different expressions in the photos I took of her that it made me smile and think about my own buddy, Lucas, and how important he is to me.

I love this moment with “the family.”

I loved how the wind was blowing the veil.



I can’t get enough of this moment!

Look at how he’s looking at her!

We arrived at The Mill…

The ceremony…

I took a chance here getting a silhouette with the wide angle lens.  It turned out how I had hoped!

You can’t beat the sun flaring through the huge windows behind them making this photo possible!

A few quiet moments before we headed into the reception.

Check out the cake topper!  Keena!

First Dance goodness.

Sweeter than sugar!

And the lovely friend who put Dina and I together, Ilene, my sorority sister from my days at Rider University.

Thanks Ilene for connecting us!

A beautiful end to a beautiful night!


Just a Lil Sneaky Peeky: Dina & Alex – Spring Lake, NJ Wedding April 16, 2009

Believe it or not when Ilene contacted me over Facebook discussing her sister’s (Dina) need for a wedding photographer I almost said “no” because weddings aren’t normally my specialty.  I’ve photographed a lot of weddings but always in the shadow of the paid photographer, carefully trying not to step on his/her toes and once for a friend  from my photography forum.

But something felt different for some reason and when Dina wrote me so I scheduled time to talk to her about the event.  Once I heard the details I told her to give me a little time to think it over and come up with a package for her.  Dina and Alex to decided to give me a chance and I decided to give wedding photography a chance.

I processed this photo last night of Dina and Alex on Spring Lake Beach in New Jersey with a texture and when I was done I could just feel the drama coming from this moment captured.  I’m a big fan of texture, as you know, and I’m trying to incorporate here and there through my processing of the wedding.  I’m also being very open to all types of processing for the photos so that Dina and Alex have a variety of looks to choose from for their album.

Every since Dina and I first spoke in November we’ve become friendlier and friendlier and I believe that it’s a friendship that will remain well past the photographer/photo processing/album making stages!  I’m happy to have met her and Alex and I’m dying to finish their photo processing and share them all with them! I keep wanting to break my own rules about sending the link to their gallery before I’m done but then I reel myself back in and remind myself that it will be much better to unveil them all at once.

Isn’t love just beautiful?  You’d think they were the only two people on the beach at the moment.  It doesn’t even seem as if myself and my assistant Guitree were standing there right in their face as this moment happened…. 🙂

*Please click to view LARGER*


Communion Season 2009 April 3, 2009

First Holy Communion season is right around the corner.

Have you considered formal portraits of your child prior to that special day?

What about having a professional photographer at your party to capture the special moments that only happen once in their lifetime?

If you’re interested in booking my photography services for your child’s 2009 Communion portraits or party photography contact me at:

Below are a small selection of photos taken during the 2008 Communion season:


Three’s Company May 8, 2008

I edited some additional photos of the “B. Family.” What adorable siblings! This is where things got fun! 🙂

Little “J” was a fun challenge to get some photos of before he crawled away!

To see all of the B. Family photos posted so far HERE.

More to come!!