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Radiant Bride! May 13, 2009

I’m working diligently on the wedding photos for my life-long friend Michelle from her wedding the last weekend in March.

Usually I like to share a sneak peek of the couple but I couldn’t help but share this one photo of Michelle from from tonight’s editing as the sneak peek.

Michelle’s eyes look amazing!  The color one is great but the B&W version just grabbed me!


Just a Lil Sneaky Peeky: Dina & Alex – Spring Lake, NJ Wedding April 16, 2009

Believe it or not when Ilene contacted me over Facebook discussing her sister’s (Dina) need for a wedding photographer I almost said “no” because weddings aren’t normally my specialty.  I’ve photographed a lot of weddings but always in the shadow of the paid photographer, carefully trying not to step on his/her toes and once for a friend  from my photography forum.

But something felt different for some reason and when Dina wrote me so I scheduled time to talk to her about the event.  Once I heard the details I told her to give me a little time to think it over and come up with a package for her.  Dina and Alex to decided to give me a chance and I decided to give wedding photography a chance.

I processed this photo last night of Dina and Alex on Spring Lake Beach in New Jersey with a texture and when I was done I could just feel the drama coming from this moment captured.  I’m a big fan of texture, as you know, and I’m trying to incorporate here and there through my processing of the wedding.  I’m also being very open to all types of processing for the photos so that Dina and Alex have a variety of looks to choose from for their album.

Every since Dina and I first spoke in November we’ve become friendlier and friendlier and I believe that it’s a friendship that will remain well past the photographer/photo processing/album making stages!  I’m happy to have met her and Alex and I’m dying to finish their photo processing and share them all with them! I keep wanting to break my own rules about sending the link to their gallery before I’m done but then I reel myself back in and remind myself that it will be much better to unveil them all at once.

Isn’t love just beautiful?  You’d think they were the only two people on the beach at the moment.  It doesn’t even seem as if myself and my assistant Guitree were standing there right in their face as this moment happened…. 🙂

*Please click to view LARGER*


My Gift July 12, 2008

I wanted to get Tara and Adam a mounted canvas print of my favorite photo that I took of them from their wedding.

When I was editing the original I applied a texture to it and really loved the result.


(click images below to view larger)

I ordered the canvas print from SMUGMUG who I use for my website, while Tara & Adam were away on their honeymoon. The package arrived this week and I gave it to them I saw them today.

Smugmug describes the Mounted Canvas Prints on the their website as:

Printed on heavy duty PremierArt Water Resistant Canvas, then finished with a dry lamination process that is UV and water resistant.

The canvas is stretched and then wrapped over a wooden frame. Your photo extends to cover the sides of the frame for a beautiful presentation.

Below are some photos of how the canvas print turned out.  I hung it on my wall to see what it would look like hung

(click images below to view larger):

When Tara came home from the honeymoon she said that this photo was her favorite photo from the wedding.  So I was so excited to hear that because it was the exact photo I had picked out for this gift  before I even knew it.

When the opened the box and saw it the loved it!  Tara hung it up on a shelf in her family room immediately.  I’m so happy they love it!


Shed A Tear…First Dance July 7, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever shed a tear over one of my own photos but when I saw this particular photo of Tara and Adam last night something about it made me well up a little.

And the truth about the photo is that the flash didn’t fire when I took it (it was tired at that point and needed a little nap).

Being resourceful, I decided I would lighten the heck out of the curves in photoshop and see what I could do to make it usable.  After I lightened it I converted it to B&W and added a ton of grain!  Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say “make it work” so I “made it work.”

To get a better idea of what the photo really looks like click HERE to see a really large version.

There were so many more great moments in the over 1400 photos that I took but for some reason in today’s blog post I’m focused all on the first dance.  I guess it’s the emotion I was able to see and feel from the couple that makes me want to highlight the photos.

I love how his hand is on her back..

And a little texture…

I love how Adam looks at Tara here…

…and how they look at each other here:

And I did a little bit of a film looking effect for this (SX-70)

A “tea stained” look for this one:

And this is to die for…it was like they were alone in a room full of strangers…

…and a similar moment to the one above with texture:

As the dance ended…

What a moment…what a couple!


Behind the Scenes July 6, 2008

I wanted to capture all of the little details that are sometimes NOT as focused on or paid attention to.

My goal was to get the behind the scenes candid moments of Tara & Adam’s wedding.

I was also interested in some of the typical shots such as “the shoes shot” that you see a lot from wedding photogs and I wanted to find a special way to capture them.  I tried 3 different things around the room that I didn’t love until I noticed this framed painting Tara’s mom had against the wall!

I read it and decided that it was PERFECT!

Always kiss me goodnight

Tara’s mom had the invitation all set up at the house with cute wedding bells hanging nearby:

I told Tara “don’t do anything without telling me first!” which made me laugh but I meant that I wanted to make sure I got all of the little details and I didn’t want to miss a thing!

I followed her around her mom & dad’s house and captured moments like this…

Putting on her jewelry in her mom’s bedroom mirror:

Getting out her grandmother’s ring out of the box to wear (her something old):

Mom looking beautiful…waiting to put her dress on:

Dad getting his tie on:

Her sister and maid of honor helping her get her dress on:

And I even captured behind the scenes moments of the photographer showing Tara and her parents one of the photos he had just taken.

(Gerard the photog and I go waaaay back… I told him I may ask him for a job one day LOL)

After the photographer left we had some time before the limos arrived so Tara and I stood near the front door waiting.

So much natural light was shining through the door that I was psyched to not used a flash for any of these!

I saw her fix her hair and I told her to just keep her hand there.  I loved it…

Somewhere in between me following everyone around I managed to get dressed, do my make-up, fix my hair and then be ready in time to see Tara & the bridal party into the limos and follow them all to the reception:

I was a busy, busy bee!


Isn’t She Lovely… July 1, 2008

Ummmm…ok…so this photo of Erin rocks my socks off!

(Well…to be honest…I’m not really wearing socks but if I was wearing them they would have flown right off my feet after I processed this photo of Erin!)

She’s such a beautiful girl and made a beautiful bride!

Check out those eyes and her skin!!

Of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try a texture on such a stunning photo.

Added a soft glow to this how the red pops!

Erin knows how to work the camera!

And I couldn’t leave Noel out…he’s lovely too! 🙂

Look at their beautiful eyes – hot – hot!!

A this was a natural moment that I can’t help but love!

Look at how Erin is looking at Noel! Love it!

And I really dig the processing on this one.

I’ve seen this pose around for at least 50 years! LOL 🙂

I still have more to edit from Erin and Noel’s wedding but not too much more. I’ll finish one day! LOL 🙂


The Church – Tara and Adam

Here are some wedding pics that I’ve gotten through.

Previous posts with photos from this wedding found HERE & HERE.

The bride waits to go into the church…

Adam waits for Tara inside the church…

Tara’s brothers and nephews:

Mom greets Tara by the limo:

Tara arrives in the church lobby:

Daddy looks more nervous then Tara. 🙂

Yup..I was always behind the professional!

Taken with the Tokina 12-24, handheld, no flash, some super high ISO (LOL):