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Cooling Off with HDR June 14, 2008

More from Villanova University from last Sunday’s portrait session with baby EJ.

Below is the interior of a small chapel on campus that we came up while taking portraits in between the arches of the buildings.  I popped my head inside and immediately thought “HDR!”  Thank goodness I lugged that tripod around with me all day.  You never know when you want multiple exposures!!

The chapel was very simple and I loved how the wooden arches on the ceiling looked.  I was especially happy to have the wide angle lens for a scene like this!  The sun was brightly shining in on the crucifix on the altar so I had a bit of processing trouble there.  I may have try to re-do this HDR in Photomatrix when I have some more time.

Inside the lobby of the wonderfully air conditioned chapel (it was pushing 100 outside!) we spotted this statue.  I loved the way the light was shining on it!




Villanova University June 12, 2008

On Sunday, when I met my friend Nicole to photograph her baby’s 8 month portraits, I ended up getting there a little bit early so that gave me some time to photograph the church on the Villanova University campus with my new wide angle Tokina 12-24.

I love photographing churches; especially ones with so much character like this one. I have an entire gallery dedicated to churches HERE if you’re interested.

I love how wide angle photography looks and I’m so excited about this new lens! Even with the distortion of the angles I still love it!

Each of the photos below are 3 exposures, merged to HDR, with Photomatrix:

I also photographed the interior of another chapel on the campus later that day that had some great wooden arches. As soon as I have some time to work with them in Photomatrix I’ll be sure to post some of them.


Jen xoxo


Lakeside April 25, 2008

EDIT 4/25: When I got to work today on a different monitor I see that none of photos below look how they did last night when I spent hours working on them.

Ever since I darkened the brightness on my monitor I have had trouble with how my photos on every other monitor but my own. I guess I will have to brighten my monitor back to where it was and re-doing every one of the photos below because of the terrible halos on every photo that involves the sky (which is 98% of them).

I have so much to edit and it is really upsetting that I wasted a whole night on processing all of these photos and now I have to re-do them all.

Original post:

I took some time to go to the part after work again. Today I gave the flowers and the macro lens a break. I brought my tripod with me because I was interested in doing HDR waterscapes near the lake.

I can’t even express how wonderful the weather was today. I was so glad to be outdoors even if it was only for a little under an hour.

In order to get these you have to go on a little path through a wooded area and there are little great spots in between where I was able to stick my tripod and get different views of the lake.

These are all HDR shots with 3 exposures each:

(click all photos to view larger)

Next time I’ll try from the other side of the lake. I only had so much time before I had to leave and there were a lot of people out and about at the lake so I was limited on what angles I chose.

Oh the reflections, the reflections!!

I made my way over across the street to another section of the park with a lake and got some more great angles!

This place is gorgeous and the afternoon light was perfect for these photos!

These are some of my favs of the day. I love bendy tree trunks!

Oh and while I was there 2 of the geese at the park had the nerve to hiss at me! LOL! So I hissed right back at them!

I always visit this place so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it from different perspectives soon enough!

Feel free to check out my entire HDR Gallery:


Tree Trimming with "The Jen’s" March 20, 2008

Here is one more I forgot about that I just put together tonight. I wish I did more exposures but I wasn’t sure how it would come out so I only did 3:


Tree Trimming with "The Jen’s"

Here is one more I forgot about that I just put together tonight. I wish I did more exposures but I wasn’t sure how it would come out so I only did 3:


Country Road in Black & White February 28, 2008

It was suggested I try this in Black & White and I’ve glad it was suggested!

I love how it came out after burning & dodging!


Coutry Road Take Me Home February 27, 2008

After my sister and I visited the beach on February 3rd I headed home from her house on the “scenic” route hoping to catch the sunset over the farms.

I pulled over on the side of the road, set up the tripod by my car and took these two:

(3 exposures bracketed, merged to HDR in Photomatrix)

(3 exposures bracketed, merged to HDR in Photomatrix)

Then I set up the tripod in the actual cornfield across the street and took the next one:

(3 exposures bracketed, merged to HDR in Photomatrix)