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Central Park Scapes July 29, 2009

A little nature taken in Central Park from yesterday’s NYC visit with Mike Palmer.



Mike Palmer was in NYC this week so I made the trip to meet up with him for our very own photo walk around the city.  We intended to take a class at B&H Photo but when we got there we decided to “ditch class” (Shssssh!  Don’t tell Mom I skipped school!) and instead we shop around B&H.  I had to control myself from walking out with a new lens and instead settled for a very small purchase of an SD card holder.  🙂

We did a lot of sightseeing, stopped in Times Square and had lunch at Hard Rock, then headed over to the International Center for Photography for the Avedon Fashion Photography exhibit (amazing work!).  We ended the day wandering around Central Park.  Despite the sweltering heat I had a great time!!  Thanks Mike!

I edited all of the photos from today but I’m going to break up the posts throughout the week while I’m busy moving out, moving in and unpacking.  After tomorrow I won’t have internet until Saturday (if I even have my computer set up by then!)  Then Monday I’m off to NC so I’ll be pre-setting up some blog posts of our visit to NYC so stop back for more!

And a good ‘ol cell phone pic!  (Just ignore my sweaty red face…it felt like it was 110 degrees!!)


Bon Jovi Central Park New York City July 14, 2008

Well I teased you with this yesterday so here is the entire story!

My childhood friend Jo Ann and I got tickets to the All Star Concert in Central Park with Bon Jovi this past Saturday.  We were so excited that we actually got the tickets and were able to go!

Bon Jovi became one of the very few artists to perform in Central Park in history.

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Jo Ann and I attended our very first Bon Jovi concert together back in 5th grade when her Dad took us to what was, then called the “Brendan Byrne Arena” and is now “The Continental Airlines Arena” “Izod Center” aka “The Meadowlands” to us Jersey peeps! We literally sat BEHIND the stage because they were the only seats we could get.  Her Dad still blames that concert for any hearing loss he now may have today!  LOL!

We left my house EARLY, stopped for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and made our way onto the highway.  Before we were too far from my house I asked Jo Ann if she was sure her car’s overheating issue was fixed and if she wanted to turn around and get my car (since we were still close to home).  She said no the car was fixed and that we’d be ok…famous last words! LOL! 🙂

We made it all the way down the NJ Turnpike with smooth sailing.  Then we hit traffic going into the Lincoln Tunnel.  If you’re not from Jersey it’s hard to understand the way you enter, what I feel like, is the longest underground tunnel ever. You go up a ramp that curves around and then you come back down another curved section of the ramp (like a roller coaster) and you hit the toll plaza.

As we inched up the curved ramp with absolutely no shoulder to pull over on and the temperature gauge hit the red zone.  Plumes of smoke billowed out of the hood.  People were pointing at the hood of the car to tell us about it – AS IF WE COULDN’T SEE!!

I forced someone to let us into the right lane and we had no choice but to keep driving another minute or so until the 3 lanes opened up for the toll plaza.  We lucked out with a safe area to stop and carefully opened the hood of the car to find boiling coolant squirting everywhere and dripping out all over the road.  We would have let the engine cool and then tried to head into the city to find a gas station but we barely had ANY coolant left.

A nice guy and his girlfriend pulled up to ask us if we needed help and I sadly replies “yes, we do.”  He got out of his American Flag designed monster pick up truck labeled with the name of a towing business and he checked a few things.  Of course there was nothing we could do besides let it cool down.  He asked where we were going and if we wanted a “tow” back to Jersey or into the City?

We made the quick decision to accept a tow and I asked him how he was going to get us a tow and he said his truck was a tow truck.  I said how???  He then amazed me with his “Inspector Gadget & Transformers” coolest truck ever.  He lifted the cover on the back of the truck and out slid a crazy tow apparatus. LOL!

We jumped into the front of his truck and headed into the city to find a place to park the car.

I’m a crazy girl who thought to myself that I must capture something of this adventure on my camera phone.  I should have taken her car trailing behind us out the back window but instead I took this random shot of Jo Ann and I without anyone knowing (HEY! I never said I was normal!)

After we got the car into a parking deck (and decided we’d sort out the situation later) we hopped in a cab and headed to Central Park.

The walk into the concert area took forever.  We arrived around 2:30 to a sea of people on the “Great Lawn” of Central Park.  It was so cool to be in the park and to look over and see the skyline in the distance.

We had over 5 hours to kill….

So…we found a spot on the grass and it seemed as if we were the only ones out of 60,000 people without a blanket or a towel to sit on.  We swore the rules on the MLB website said no blankets!

We killed time by doing what else?? Taking random photos of ourselves with my camera phone and the point & shoot that Jo Ann smuggled in! (Again, the website said no cameras…but I looked around and saw a guy with a DSLR with a big ‘ol lens on it and I thought…if only I could have brought “the gun” with me! 🙂 )

A collection of our boredom:

Jo Ann loves this photo because it’s like “here’s Jen looking all alone”

And then it’s like “here’s the same Jen in a giant sea of people” 🙂

We passed the time by chatting, taking photos, playing on our wonderful cell phones which made for killing time texting, picture mailing, checking email and of course they have instant messaging capabilities too (I love being “connected” LOL)!

The only food they serving were soggy Italian subs of hot dogs (ick!) so I ate Doritos and granola bars for dinner (very healthy…I know!)

We took naps on the grass, until later, when Jo Ann secured us handy plastic bags to lie on! ahaha!

We made friends with the people sitting behind us who were attending their very first Bon Jovi concert.  They didn’t have a camera with them so I offered to take a few photos of them and then later email the photos to them.

8 o’clock hit and the show started. Nap time in the sun was officially over! Time to get up and rock out with over 60,000 people!!

Just look at all of us on the jumbotron!  How awesome is that crowd with the skyline!

Once the concert started we had our lawn neighbors take this of us with the concert going on behind us. You can see Jon (awwww) on the jumbotron. 🙂

And since I’m a munchkin I couldn’t see anyone on stage without watching the big screen LOL!

A guy appeared in front of us who “thought” he was the second coming of Jon Bon Jovi and he had no idea what everyone behind him thought it was quite funny.  Jo Ann decided to stand next to him for a few shots of her and the “look alike” to the amusement of everyone around us.

He had no idea that he was a spectacle to 20 people behind him and Jo Ann was cracking me up with various poses next to him (that’s my shadow on his back LOL). 🙂

More “take your own pics” during the concert:

This is what Jo Ann called “rockin out Jen”

And before the concert ended…they played my favorite song to hear live “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

After the show ended we walked for a HOUR to get back to the parking deck where Jo Ann’s wonderful Dad and Grandfather met us and had already added more coolant into the car.  They wanted to follow us home just in case.  🙂

The car hit the red zone again INSIDE THE LINCOLN TUNNEL but the smoke never had time to appear because we made it out of the tunnel JUST IN TIME to hit the cool evening air.  The thermostat went back into the “safe zone” and we made it home!



Today… July 13, 2008

The story of this day to come soon….and oh what a day it was…