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A Great Family + A Great Location = An Amazing Result | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer July 6, 2009

What do you get when you mix a fantastic family, an awesome location, and a beautiful day?

You get a most perfect mix of ingredients to create an amazing set of portraits!

I couldn’t have asked for more than my two favorite things:  Family portrait shoots and an amazing location like Princeton University to take the photos.

With it’s amazing architecture, rich with history, Princeton University made for a perfect unique backdrop for family portraits on this lovely May day!

Thank you to the “S. Family” so being so flexible to trying different poses and being so pleasant to work with!  We loved working with you!


Sneak Peek: The “S. Family” @ Princeton Univ | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer June 29, 2009

I spent a beautiful May day with the “S. Family” at Princeton University.  I really enjoyed working with them!

They were up for all my pose ideas and I think that allowed us to get some UNIQUE photos.

We enjoyed all the campus had to offer for great portrait settings.

There are so many things on campus that provide such a great backdrop for a photo shoot that make me just love it there!

One photo in particular (below) is one of my favorites from the shoot:


* Sisters * June 10, 2009

Mother’s Day recently passed and this year we wanted something special for Mom.

I asked my sister to come over my house so we could do a portrait shoot of the two of us so that I could get one blown up into an 11×14 canvas from Canvas on Demand.  I set up the tripod with the 50mm lens on the camera, grabbed the remote shutter release, and we headed out to the backyard for our shoot.

This was the final choice for the canvas and I just adore it!

While we were out there snapping away we decided to do some individual portraits for mom as well.

I printed as 8×10’s and she hung them with the canvas in her house.

Our pups were with us in the yard so we had them join us for individual portraits and a group portrait of the 4 of us!

You can’t get any cuter that these pups!!


Meet the Lawsons January 21, 2009

Meet The Lawsons.

Sweetest family in all of Indiana!

Most of you know Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson meet her hubby Doug and daughter’s Brianna and Emmalie (you probably remember Bri & Emmy from my Indy blog posts if you haven’t spent time on Julie’s blog yet).

When I was in Indiana Julie asked me to take formal portraits of her family.

I was totally honored to do so and this is the one that Julie chose to hang in her home:

Julie had a specific idea for this shot.  I don’t think we achieved her vision but I still love the idea of it.

And one for the outtakes!

I love that little Emmy is making like she is eating her toe…and I can still hear Doug’s laugh ringing through my ears!

While I was in Indy I also did a shoot with Julie’s niece Kayla for Senior portraits (which you’ve seen a sneak peek of) as well as of Kayla’s sister Brittany. shown below.  Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Brittany and Brianna has some fun that night with their bubble gum! 🙂

I think I have more from this shoot to edit that I hope to get to one day…soon…


A Mother’s Love July 28, 2008

I went to the rose garden on my day off Friday and got some wonderful abstract macros but I’m not ready to share them yet… hopefully tomorrow I can.

So, in the mean time I wanted to share this beautiful moment with you all that I edited today: