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Ladies of the Civil War January 16, 2009

It’s been a while since I shared photos from the Civil War Reenactment my sister and I attended last April.  For tonight’s blog post I thought I’d mix things up from the usual and share more from the event (Additional photos I’ve posted previously can be seen HERE).  I had to put the editing of this even to the side when jobs started coming in.  I realized last night that I’m halfway done with them and it was time to share more.

This time I thought I’d focus on the “ladies of the civil war period” specifically.  Each woman put some much thought into their character and the details were impressive.



Rockin’ Out July 12, 2008

More from 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 in Neshaminy PA from April of 2008.

I’m trying to edit them in between everything else I’ve got going.

Some favorites from tonight’s edits.  These guys were great to listen to!  They were rockin’ out! LOL

I love the movement in their hands in these photos.

To view the entire gallery that I’ve gotten to edit so far click here: 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 – Neshaminy PA


19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 – Neshaminy State Park PA II May 3, 2008

I needed a small change up in what I was processing so I edited a few from the 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment at the Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem. PA

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I really like this photo…my favorite part is the guy on the horse in the depth of field…for some reason I think it makes the photo:

Please be sure to check back and bookmark the link to the gallery!


19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 – Neshaminy State Park PA April 27, 2008

If I can give you any tip regarding your journey with photography – it’s to get out there and try different things that you never thought you would..

It’s like that old saying “You’ll never know if you like it until you try.”

Today my sister and I decided to try something different for a new photo opportunity. We attended the 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment at the Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem. PA.

(click all photos to view larger)

I found out about the event after I came across Michael Belgie’s Flickr stream with Civil War Reenactments photos. I sent him a note and he kindly provided me with information about the event. We made sure we found him at the “headquarters” and said hello since I wanted to thank him for sending me the information.

The official event website described the day as:

The 28th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, together with the First Battalion of the Army of Northern Virginia, The Historical Society of Bensalem Township, The Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum, the Delaware Valley CWRT, and The Neshaminy State Park are sponsoring a Civil War living history weekend on the Spring of 1863 Campaign.
News story

This weekend, we will be portray a portion of the Battle of Chancellorsville that took place on May 3rd., the day after Jackson’s flank attack. We will portray portions of Archer’s, McGowen’s and Lane‟s Brigades.

This was something really “different & interesting” for me photography-wise. The history was interesting too. I never thought I would enjoy an event like this but I did. Everyone was so friendly and we enjoyed speaking with many of the participants.

Favorite face of the day:

I have over 800 photos (mostly taken with my 70-300VR — which produced EXCELLENT results for me today!). Due to the fact that I have a few paying photography jobs coming up in the next couple weeks it’s going to take time for me to sort through and edit that many photos I took today – but I created the gallery that the photos will be housed in when I finally get to them (and I promise I will!).

Here’s one that made me smile…the irony of the modern cameras with the period dress…I had to snap a photo.

You can check this blog and the new gallery I created for this event, periodically, to see when the (over 800) photos are completed and ready for viewing.

Please be sure to check back and bookmark the link to the gallery!