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Indy Ghost Riders December 28, 2008

During my visit to see Julie in Indiana we has some time to do some “drive by shoots.”  It was bitter cold but I can never pass up a good photo opportunity…that’s what coats, hats and gloves were made for!

Julie took some photos during the drive by as well but she decided to take them from the comfort and warmth of the car LOL!  Check them out here:

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” ~Albert Einstein

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Is it Christmas Yet??? December 17, 2008

This little sweetheart “E” is Julie Lawson’s youngest daughter and this little lady will melt your heart the minute you meet her!

I did some Christmas portraits of her for Julie while I was visiting her in Indiana.

“E” even comes fully equipped with her own poses for portraits!  I didn’t have to direct a single pose – I swear!  Soon enough she’ll be accompanying her mom to photo shoots and posing the subjects for her.

This is the cutest one of the shoot – it’s almost as if she’s asking “Is it Christmas yet??”

This one is too stinkin cute!  Those little eyes peeping over the present are too cute for words!

Stop over at Julie’s blog to see her Christmas Diva photos of Emmlie from the same photo shoot by clicking HERE.


Canon Blogger December 11, 2008

Stop by and visit Jason @ Canon Blogger for his Thursday Thoughts article featuring:

lil ‘ol me! 

By the way…I can’t thank Julie enough for the FUN photos she took of me and my best friend…oops..I mean my camera (aka “The Gun”).

Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana


Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana

Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana


Portraits by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana

Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana

Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana

Portrait by Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson Photography - Clinton, Indiana


I Don’t Wanna Go Home December 3, 2008

It’s 12:55am and it’s my last night in Indiana for my visit to see my bestest gal pal Julie and her wonderful family (Doug, Brianna & Emmalie).  I’m sitting in Julie’s kitchen and everyone is asleep (except Bri…shhhh don’t tell Mom!!) not wanting to go home tomorrow.

I’m thinking about how sad I am to leave the Lawson family behind and head back to New Jersey at 5:15pm tomorrow.  I wish we had longer but I have no choice…I have to go back to Jersey.

The Lawson family is one of the best families I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with like this.  Their love for each other is evident everyday and they made me feel completely comfortable and right at home the minute I arrived.  I was so excited when Julie, Brianna, Emmalie, Jennifer and Brittany were waiting at the end of the hallway for me at the airport.  We had such a great time and it went way too fast.

Some of our fun memories from the last 5 days include:

  • Kayla’s Senior Session with Julie & Jen in action
  • Random freak snow storms when the weather said sunny…and the weatherman said that he “didn’t want to mention the possibility of snow in the forecast”
  • Buzzing TVs in the middle of the night
  • A photo session in the Milo field, in the dark, that last 5 minutes because it was too cold
  • The Orbs with Brianna and Brittany
  • Brianna staying up past her bedtime
  • Doug being outnumbered by 4 women & a female dog for 5 days…LOL
  • The General Store and Emmalie’s cut up ice cream sandwich
  • Drakes Cakes!
  • Bagels
  • Jenny No-Neck
  • Lady bugs
  • Doug’s yummy dinners
  • Brianna scaring me in the middle of the night and my arms flailing wildly
  • Screaming Cheese & Crackers – YUMMMMMMM  “Yes, I want another, Bri!”
  • Drive By Shootings “Barnapalozza Indiana”
  • Jen & Julie’s very own Senior Sessions in the Milo filed
  • Emmalie in the suitcase and with my hat & shoes
  • Apple “Bobble” Jeans
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Eating good in the neighborhood
  • And last but not least…Julie crashing into a semi and totaling Doug’s car in the ice on the way to Bri’s game 😦

Brianna was our awesome photographer tonight (she’s a budding photographer as well and seemed psyched to use the D80).  We had a great time taking the following photos for fun. We hope you get a kick out of them as much as we did!!


Perfect Angels

Scared by the OINK

This kid’s so hungry that she’s eating her foot!

After 15 tries we got it right!

Can I have my bed back please?

Giggle fit!

I don’t wanna go home 😦 



Thanks to all of you!

I promise I will see you all soon!  I’m a new fan of Indiana!




Blog Award :) September 30, 2008

I received a wonderful little surprise in one of my blog comments today from a fairly new reader of my blog, Heather of Heather Lynn’s Photography. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do by clicking on the name of her blog above.  Heather has some really great portraits of her beautiful daughter on her blog so stop by and visit and leave her a comment or two!

Today was a rough Monday at work so it was really nice to come home and read that Heather presented me with a very thoughtful blogger award.  To learn more about the award I made my way over to her personal blog to read what she wrote.

Thank you Heather for finding inspiration in my work!  That was very kind of you.  I’ll be sure to continue to stop by your photography blog to see your latest work.

I made a screen capture of her blog to show you the kind words she wrote about her 5 blog nominations.

(click to view larger)


Jen Rinaldi Photography Celebrates It’s 1 year Blog-iversary August 5, 2008

Today, Jen Rinaldi Photography Blog, turns 1 year old!

One year ago I started a this blog and I truly love it!

I thought it would be fun to link my very first blog post:

It’s been a really great year full of some much personal progress with my photography.  Having this blog truly means a lot to me because it’s a place where I can reflect on my work and how much I’ve grown with just the click of a button.

I believe there is no better growth chart than this!

I’ve enjoyed sharing my work, articles, tips & tricks..all with support of friends and family!

I’ve gotten to know so many other photographers who are so kind as to come to my blog every day and comment on my work.  I love the community we’ve created!

THANK YOU for coming here and making me feel as if my work is appreciated and has a purpose!  I think about all of you when I got out and shoot something.  I say to myself…I can’t wait to post this on my blog and see what everyone thinks!

You all keep me going…and going…and going!

Thanks again for all of your support!


Tilt July 15, 2008

By now you probably noticed that I’m lacking models who feel like coming over after work when I suddenly feel like I’m in a picture-taking mood so I practice on myself. I’m a good model because I’m quiet, patient, and don’t complain to myself. LOL

Yes, it’s was a head tilting day for me!  For most of them I put the camera on the tripod and extended it as tall as it would go and stood almost beneath the camera (pointed down at me).  I guess I wanted a “giant head” effect (just kidding LOL!).

Original color edit:

With Texture:

Original color edit:

With Texture:

A couple other edits that aren’t textures…

Original color edit:

Bronzed Look – conversion:

A whole different look here: