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Emmy Award Winner Lee Grossman | New Jersey Photographer to the Stars! lol!!! July 9, 2009

The 52nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards Gala
was held on Sunday, March 29, 2009
at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York, NY

And the Emmy for “PROMOTION: News Promo” went to:

Winter and Spring Weather Facts – December 15, 2007. (WCBS-TV). Bruce E. Brauer, Creative Services Director; Lee E. Grossman, Writer/Executive Producer; Jon Paul LoMonaco, Design Director; Lonnie Quinn, Weather Anchor.


Introducing Emmy Award Winner: Lee Grossman April 12, 2009

I got the most amazing news recently…My friend Lee is the proud winner of an Emmy award!

You may remember Lee from my Deep Thoughts Series a while back.

I photographed his family and at the end of the session and I had the opportunity to do some fun photos with him.  We took them all after the sun set using one of my lights with the umbrella.  Lots of fun!

The photo processing I did on this was just for fun.  I ran the photo through Redynamix to pop the brightness but on my brighter monitor I see crazy light spots and on my other monitor I don’t.  I decided to add the lighting effect for fun…Lee loved it and immediately added it as his Facebook profile photo. 🙂


More With Lee February 24, 2008

Finally got back to editing the photoshoot of my pal Lee. I know…you’re saying “there’s more?” and the answer is yes. Quite a few more to go through and edit.

Lee was a patient subject and even though the time flew by I took a lot of shots. The reason why it’s also taking so long is because these photos (in my opinion) are filled with a lot of emotion and I feel the need to try multiple post processing effects until I find the right one for the photograph.

One of my FAVORITE EDITS today! I love how I made Lee’s eye look!!

Since Lee is a writer we decided to do some shots with his trusty blue notebook.

Lee also wanted a shot showing the area where her lives so we took this shot with is pup Elliot Igby.


And The Deep Thoughts Series Continues February 2, 2008

In between other sessions I’ve been working on the “Deep Thoughts Series” also seen here and here and here!

Classic T-Shirt! PLEASE REMAIN CALM it’s no use both of us being hysterical at the same time.

I broke out the Nikon 105mm lens for these…

Lee is a writer so we decided to incorporate some his “tools” into the photoshoot. Once being his “little blue book.” He carries this blue book with him and when he has ideas he jots them down in the book.

I like this shot because he didn’t realize I was about to take it. He was telling me something and I like that natural moment captured with pen in hand:

Then I decided that since hands can tell a story that I’d focus on them along with the incorporation of the blue book:

I did a harsh gritty look on these 2 shots…I like how they came out…

…these are the originals:

This lens is great! It focused right in on the pen tip here:

More dramatic shots of the hands of a writer…


I know…I know…More! I take a lot of photos… LOL! January 16, 2008

Of course I spent the night editing…I continued on the Deep Thoughts series.

These were 3 that really stood out to me tonight.

I can’t wait to do another photoshoot outdoors in the New York City (hint…hint…Lee!!)!

These are all done with Photoshop Actions but taken to the next level with tweaking of brightness, levels, textures, etc. Some that I’ve done in this series have multiple actions applied on top of each other or I repleat the same one over a few times on the photo.

They bright ones didn’t start out overexposed – I MADE THEM THAT WAY ON PURPOSE!


More Edits… "Deep Thoughts" Series January 15, 2008

Love the smile in this one 🙂

I like the close up shots for a lot of this shoot. I wanted to get right in there and show the details because I feel that deatils like this can really speak to you.

I also like unconventional compositions….if you can’t tell that already!

I did the same shot with the dragan effect/dragan technique. Once method of doing this technique can be found by CLICKING HERE. It definitely gives a “dark side” feel to a normal photo. I don’t know why I like the technique…I just think it’s fun to create someing that’s totally different that the norm.

I captured another smile! See, they weren’t all so serious during our serious session: 🙂

I think you might be able to see a pattern forming here….I really love the KUBOTA Photoshop Action (mentioned HERE) that produces this look! I’ve used it quite a bit of times throughout the processing of this photo shoot and I keep wanting to use it on ever photo! (I seem to get caught in repetitious behavior like that with my post processing….I guess it’s like the flavor of the week for me!)

I really wanted a gritty feel …(as a friend of my best described it…they have a Film Noir feel to them).

And the last post of the day for the blog is the last photo I processed today:


Top Shot of the Night January 10, 2008

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Okay, I edited quite a bit tonight and then I got to the last shot I was going to edit of the night and…WOW! I love, love, love it!

I can say that this could be a TOP favorite of what I’ve edited so far from this session. There’s just something about it and all of the details.

They will see us waving from such great heights,
“come down now”, they’ll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
“come down now”, but we’ll stay…

(click to view LARGER)

Thanks Lee for being my model! 🙂