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Santa Rosa Plateau – Panoramic December 26, 2008

On the day that Heather & I did our Strobist shoot (mentioned in the previous post) in the Santa Rose Plateau, I had a minute in between so I shot a few photos (with the intention of doing a panoramic) before the sun set completely.

Click to view larger for more detail

Click to view larger for more detail


The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is located at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains in southwest Riverside County, near the city of Murrieta.

The Reserve consists of 8,300 acres and protects unique ecosystems like Engelmann oak woodlands, riparian wetlands, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, bunchgrass prairie and vernal pools.

Visitors to the Reserve can enjoy the oldest standing structures in Riverside County that once served as bunkhouses for cowboys dating back to 1846. These two adobe structures remain shaded by a 400 year old tree and separated by a relaxing, one-of-a-kind, picnic area.


So Sad to Leave Happy Heather December 24, 2008

Today was a bitter sweet day…I left Heather & California behind for cold & rainy New Jersey.  It was hard to leave such a great person and a beautiful place behind but Christmas was here and I must head home back to my family and my buddy Lucas the Lab (oh how I miss him!)

Tonight I’ll leave you with a few shots of our trek into the reserve where we did a shoot yesterday.  As soon as Heather and I have time to edit our photos from this shoot we’re going to post them at the same time (we hope).  So we’ll leave you with these fun “in action” shots…

On our way to the trail we met James who was also at the Plateau doing photography (he shoots wildlife and sports action photography…and that would be good reason for the 400mm lens and 40D he’s sporting!!).  Heather thought it’d be nice to take a photo with him so we could remember all of the photographers we met this week:

Of course I couldn’t leave with out something eventful happening…I realized this morning that I left my point & shoot Canon in the middle of the grassy plateau we did a photo shoot at yesterday.  The good (and bad) news was that my flight was delayed almost 2 hours so we had time to stop and I retraced our steps down into the canyon and found it right where I thought I must have left it.

You can imagine my happiness once I found the camera and it still worked (thank goodness for a dry night!!).  I took this test shot with it and to my delight it seemed perfectly okay!

The Jen Rinaldi Photography cross-country tour of 2008 had ended and it’s hard to leave friends like Heather and amazing mountainous views like this behind!

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