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Doggie Day! September 30, 2007

Today I attended a dog agility competition in Freehold, NJ to practice my ‘stop action’ shots. I tried some settings that I tested with my dog in the backyard and the same settings worked really well for this event.

(click to view larger)

I’m very impressed with the results I achieved using the 18-200VR lens. It gave me the zoom and flexibility I needed for this fast moving event.

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Portrait Day September 29, 2007

I took my mom’s portraits today at the local park. We had a great time but the sun was very harsh so a lot of the shots looked good on the LCD until I got home and they had a lot of blown highlights and washed out areas.

I’m going to try to work with them and correct them where I can. The positive about the situation is that my mom had a good time with the shoot so I’m sure she would be up for a re-do anytime.

This is one of my favorites from the day (no editing was done to it at this time):

And this one is edited and I love how it came out…very “mysterious mom.” I did some similar to this of my self-portraits down below:

When I got home from taking her portraits I decided to take some self portraits in my backyard.

The sun was SO bright (even at 5pm) that it washed out a lot of my face in the shots.

So I tried to salvage them. I converted a lot of the colored ones to B&W and then I was playing with the levels and decided to go really dark on some of them and ended up with this effect which I like a lot

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Couldn’t help taking a portrait of *Lucas* 🙂

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Near Death Experience

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At the end of the work day I left the office (I drove my husband’s car to work today…) and I traveled one minute down the highway that my office is on. I entered the on-ramp for Route 287 (the major highway I travel on only for only two exits…less than 2 minutes worth).

The on-ramp has 2 lanes that enter onto the highway and I was in the right lane. I barely got onto the highway and I noticed the car in the left lane swerving into my lane….I laid on the horn and I swerved to the right to avoid them hitting me. As I did my car started swerving left and then right and spinning out of control as I tried to steady the car. Somehow I avoided spinning into the 3 lanes of traffic traveling at 65-70 miles per hour on this highway. Somehow I stayed on the portion of the road that leads off the on-ramp.

I ended up in a 180 degree circle facing the cement barrier to my right that is on the shoulder and keeps you from falling off this elevated part of the highway. I was safe but in shock for one second until I looked out my passenger-side window and saw a little red car and a BMW coming onto the highway from the on-ramp coming straight towards my passenger-side door.

By the grace of God and some kind of ‘pure luck’ the cars coming towards me were able to stop without hitting me. I was able to reverse quickly without going into oncoming traffic and get my car facing the right way.

I was shaking and could hardly breathe (all-out hyperventilating) and as soon as I was facing the right way I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. Would you believe that the person who swerved into my lane and the people behind me never stopped to see if I was okay? As a matter of fact the people who were behind me drove past me and gave me dirty looks!! And none of this was my fault!

I got off the highway and drove down the road but I was crying and shaking so badly I had to sit on the side of the road for at least 20-25 minutes until I calmed down a bit.

After I felt better I looked out the passenger window to see the most heavenly sky….So what did I do? I got myself together and I picked my camera bag up off the floor where it went flying (ouch! don’t worry it was unharmed) and I took a ton of shots of this heavenly sky before me.

I’m still not over what happened to me…I had time to see my life pass before my eyes and I can still remember every moment of what happened to me and I still can feel what it felt like. I think it will take a while to get over this but I have to travel these roads 5 days a week so I will HAVE TO get over this quickly.

Here is my heavenly sky after my ‘near death experience’ today:


Great Cloud Day…and no camera September 28, 2007

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The past few days have been terrible hazy sky days…so I finally decided not to carry the Nikon to work with me…the morning looked really dreary…

But of couse when I left work the sky looked a beautiful blue with some great looking clouds. Would have been a great day to stop at the park for some photos…

Oh well…there’s always tomorrow… 🙂


A Few Special Ones From Today September 27, 2007

I stopped by the park after work. With fall here it’s getting too dark too soon for me! Had some trouble with the light…but still caught a few nice shots.

A couple favorites were these 2 fishermen at opposite ends of the lake. They just looked like they really enjoyed this time time alone…

(click to view larger)

I was able to see a beautiful sunset. It was hard to catch it how I would have liked with the trees being where they were but I still like the results:

(click to view larger)

I tried something different with this one through the weeping willow branches:

I chased the sunset all the way home trying to see if I could find a large clearing where the sunset was viewable but had no luck.

There’s always another day and another sunset though!


Can’t Wait for Fall September 25, 2007

Getting excited for fall…When I edited this shot it made me very excited to capture fall in it’s full glory!


Today’s Subject: Neshanic Station, New Jersey September 24, 2007

Visited Neshanic Station, NJ today with my sister. It’s a beautiful area not too far from where I live. Lots of barns, silos, farms, bridges…everything I love to photograph.

Some favs from today…

This is a lenticular truss bridge in Neshanic Station. It was built in 1896 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company that was located in East Berlin, Connecticut. This bridge is still in use for vehicular traffic. It was recently renovated and is a beautiful sight to see.

(click to view larger)

Found a random soy bean field tucked away…love this wide angle shot complete with a lovely barn & silo:

(click to view larger)

Also decided to get really low for some shots today:

(click to view larger)

(click to view larger)

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