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All Around Town March 20, 2009

I’m sorry there hasn’t been a post in a couple days…that’s not like me at all.  I had this one “almost” ready for two days but never was able to finish it because I wasn’t feeling well for over a week.  I finally want to the doctor today and it’s a double ear infection and sinusitis!  Some girls have all the luck! I’m on antibiotics and hope to be feeling better in 24-48 hours!

You’ve been seeing bits and pieces of my day in Wilmington and today I will share a little bit more.

The day in Wilmington consisted of touring around downtown Wilmington near the Cape Fear River.

We had gorgeous 77 degree weather which made for the perfect day to walk along the Cape Fear River and see all of the sights.

While people waited for the Tall Ship Tour (The Peacemaker) we checked out the ship and the crowd.  I always enjoy candid photos like the following.

*Click the photos to view larger*

“A feather in your cap”

USS North Carolina

The Henrietta III

The trolley tour guide was so sweet.  He told us all about the Amish-raised horses and how wonderfully they are cared for and let us pet them for a while.  He even took our photo with the horses.  They were beautiful and had the softest fur ever.

Throughout the day we saw businesses and attractions in Wilmington’s Downtown Historic District that are frequently used as locations on one of my favorite “Teen Dramas” 🙂  One Tree Hill, including:  CD Alley (8 Market Street) is the CD store where Chris (Tyler Hilton) worked.

Port City Java-Downtown II (300 N. Front St.) stood in as Karen’s Café in the pilot episode. Once the series was picked up, crews built a designated set for Karen’s Café on the opposite corner of Grace Street at North Front Street. During season 6 the set for ‘Karen’s Cafe’ was removed and the space was transformed into the Clothes over Bros. set.

I put my camera lens up to the window and shot some of the Cloths over Bros set:

…and of course I posed in front of the “Karen’s Cafe” painting on the wall of the building that used to be the cafe and is now the store. 🙂

We didn’t get to eat at this restaurant but I wanted to. It overlooks the Cape Fear River and you get your own cute little private balcony

This building is for sale. It made me laugh when I saw that they had drawn fake store front items on it to make you use your imagination of what it could be!

I have more to share soon…once I have time to edit.

Right now I’m concentrating on the wedding I have tomorrow at the beach in NJ, then getting better, and then the wedding I have next Saturday in Myrtle Beach, SC.


“Serenity Now” January 5, 2009

La Jolla Cove

If you’ve never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame.  ~Adam Duritz, “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby,” performed by Counting Crows

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San Diego Skyline from Coronnado January 3, 2009

I’m so excited that I got to stop with Heather and my friend Kyle to enjoy the SD skyline and capture this night cityscape!
I’ve yet to take the NYC skyline at night and I live only 45 minutes away – so haven’t this is a real treat!
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Indy Ghost Riders December 28, 2008

During my visit to see Julie in Indiana we has some time to do some “drive by shoots.”  It was bitter cold but I can never pass up a good photo opportunity…that’s what coats, hats and gloves were made for!

Julie took some photos during the drive by as well but she decided to take them from the comfort and warmth of the car LOL!  Check them out here:

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” ~Albert Einstein

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I Don’t Wanna Go Home December 3, 2008

It’s 12:55am and it’s my last night in Indiana for my visit to see my bestest gal pal Julie and her wonderful family (Doug, Brianna & Emmalie).  I’m sitting in Julie’s kitchen and everyone is asleep (except Bri…shhhh don’t tell Mom!!) not wanting to go home tomorrow.

I’m thinking about how sad I am to leave the Lawson family behind and head back to New Jersey at 5:15pm tomorrow.  I wish we had longer but I have no choice…I have to go back to Jersey.

The Lawson family is one of the best families I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with like this.  Their love for each other is evident everyday and they made me feel completely comfortable and right at home the minute I arrived.  I was so excited when Julie, Brianna, Emmalie, Jennifer and Brittany were waiting at the end of the hallway for me at the airport.  We had such a great time and it went way too fast.

Some of our fun memories from the last 5 days include:

  • Kayla’s Senior Session with Julie & Jen in action
  • Random freak snow storms when the weather said sunny…and the weatherman said that he “didn’t want to mention the possibility of snow in the forecast”
  • Buzzing TVs in the middle of the night
  • A photo session in the Milo field, in the dark, that last 5 minutes because it was too cold
  • The Orbs with Brianna and Brittany
  • Brianna staying up past her bedtime
  • Doug being outnumbered by 4 women & a female dog for 5 days…LOL
  • The General Store and Emmalie’s cut up ice cream sandwich
  • Drakes Cakes!
  • Bagels
  • Jenny No-Neck
  • Lady bugs
  • Doug’s yummy dinners
  • Brianna scaring me in the middle of the night and my arms flailing wildly
  • Screaming Cheese & Crackers – YUMMMMMMM  “Yes, I want another, Bri!”
  • Drive By Shootings “Barnapalozza Indiana”
  • Jen & Julie’s very own Senior Sessions in the Milo filed
  • Emmalie in the suitcase and with my hat & shoes
  • Apple “Bobble” Jeans
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Eating good in the neighborhood
  • And last but not least…Julie crashing into a semi and totaling Doug’s car in the ice on the way to Bri’s game 😦

Brianna was our awesome photographer tonight (she’s a budding photographer as well and seemed psyched to use the D80).  We had a great time taking the following photos for fun. We hope you get a kick out of them as much as we did!!


Perfect Angels

Scared by the OINK

This kid’s so hungry that she’s eating her foot!

After 15 tries we got it right!

Can I have my bed back please?

Giggle fit!

I don’t wanna go home 😦 



Thanks to all of you!

I promise I will see you all soon!  I’m a new fan of Indiana!




We Cannot Hold a Torch to Light Another’s Path Without Brightening Our Own September 13, 2008

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.  ~Ben Sweetland

Tokina 12-24

On December 1, 1875 the beacon of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse filled the remaining “dark spot” on the North Carolina coast between the Cape Henry light to the north and Bodie Island to the south. To distinguish the Currituck Beach Lighthouse from other regional lighthouses, its exterior was left unpainted and gives today’s visitor a sense of the multitude of bricks used to form the structure. The lighthouse was automated in 1939 when the United States Coast Guard assumed the duties of the Bureau of Lighthouses. At a height of 158 feet, the night beacon still flashes at 20-second intervals to warn ships hugging the chain of barrier islands along the coast.

Number of steps: 214
Height to focal plane of lens: 158 feet
Height to top of roof: 162 feet
Number of bricks: approximately one million
Thickness of wall at base: 5 feet 8 inches
Thickness of wall at parapet: 3 feet